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Four Piece Scraper Set - Dusting and Cleaning Supplies

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Welcome to PolesAndMore

The Very Best in High Access Maintenance Products

Extension Poles, Cleaning Tools and Accessories for Solar Panel Cleaning, Painting, Window Washing, Dusting, Bulb Changing & Sign Letter Changing

Order all of your painting, window washing, cleaning, Solar Panel Cleaning and dusting tools from polesandmore. 

A & M Products offers the very best in cleaning and dusting tools, extension poles, signage, and painting tools in the area. There's no minimum purchase requirement, so place your order for painting, staining, window washing, cleaning, and dusting tools by contacting us at (800) 670-1356 today..

Window Washing Supplies
A & M Products provides individuals, wholesalers, and retailers the very best in cleaning, painting and window washing supplies. To keep your windows squeaky clean and clear, we offer wash bars, squeegees, and scrapers that will give your windows a streak-free shine every time. We offer Ettore™ and Mr. Longarm™ window washing tools, as well as some window cleaning chemicals.

Mr. Longarm's patented ProCurve system features a curved extension pole and rotating tool handle that lets you clean windows up to 30% faster. Newly redesigned tool handle accepts most brands of channels and doubles as a washer.  Curved design allows you to accurately control the position of the tool for additional speed and ease of cleaning. ProCurve is also great for cleaning Solar Panels.

Cleaning Products - Window Washing Supplies

Dusting and Cleaning Supplies
Keep your home dust-free with dusting and cleaning tools from A & M Products. In addition to our wide supply of quality dusters, we also offer microfiber cleaning cloths, cleaning clamps, and scrubbing brushes. Order cleaning and dusting supplies for your home or office by e-mailing us in Kansas City, Missouri, today.

Order all of your Extension Poles, Window Washing, Dusting & Cleaning Supplies for sign letter changing from our providers in Kansas City, Missouri.



• Cobweb Dusters
• Ceiling Fan Dusters
• Static Dusters
• Feather Dusters
• Lambs' Wool Dusters
• Microfiber Cloths.
• Cleaning Clamps
• Scrubbing Brushes

Most Popular Products:

• Window Washing
• Solar Panel Cleaning Kits
• Light Bulbs Changers
• Telescopic Extension
• Sign Letters & Numbers
• Painting Supplies

• Cleaning & Dusting

Contact us in Kansas City, Missouri, today at (800) 670-1356
to order window washing supplies for your business.

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